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Green tea which we find commonly is made from the leaves of Camellia sinensis. The leaves are being gone through the minimal oxidation procedure during the process of its manufacture. Since its origination from China, it has been widespread globally. The most commonly used green tea is black tea. However, there are many other varieties of this tea that are been grown over the world and the products may differ substantially due to the differing conditions in growing, production processing, horticulture and harvesting time.

Due to its great properties, there have been many medical researches and studies done to know more about it. So far, there are some facts and evidences which suggest that risk of developing certain types of cancer and heart diseases are low on people drinking green tea in regular manner.  Also, as there is no evidence that the green teas actually raising the rate of metabolism. But, there are other chemicals such as caffeine and polyphenols which have been known to induce thermogenesis and stimulate the oxidation of fats boosting the metabolism rate by 4% or more without increasing the heart rate.

 Best Green Tea for Weight Loss

Best Green Tea for Weight Loss

Since, there are lots of varieties for green tea available these days coming from different countries such as lipton green tea and others. However, it is said that best green tea for weight loss come from Japan and China so, it is not that hard to choose one. Some of the most popular best green tea for weight loss from Japan include: Bancha, Gyokurocha, Mat’cha and Sencha.

As China has large number of provinces and regions, you can find large variety of Chinese green teas. Some of the best green tea for weight loss available from China include: Hui Ming, Hua Ding, Qing Ding, Dragon well, Long Ding and Gunpowder. There are other countries also which produce quality green teas such as the countries like India, Sri Lanka and Taiwan.

Though, they are not the right choices for instant weight loss, consuming it daily as the supplements will really help you fight against your overweight problems. However, since it contains large amount of caffeine, it is better you consult with your doctor about whether or not it is safe for you to consume that amount of caffeine.