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Cinnamon is widely and popularly used as a spice to sprinkle on coffee or cookies by the chefs from very long time. Apart from being a spice, it is also considered to have some kind of medicinal properties. It has been used as medicine since ancient times. Early civilizations used it as the antiseptic whereas Egyptians used for embalming and it was used as aroma therapy for Bubonic plague victims during Middle Ages. Now that you know cinnamon’s properties, let’s talk about the secret of cinnamon weight loss.

As there are many researches and studies done about cinnamon, there are also facts saying that it is able to decrease blood sugar and increase the level of insulin. The combination of Insulin and Blood sugar is quite complex. The food we eat is turned into glucose which is the source of energy for our brain and muscle. But when we eat excessive amount of foods such as pile of French Fries, our body will be flooded with the serious flow of blood sugar. So, in order to counter the amount of blood sugar, our body reacts by pumping out insulin. This process between insulin and blood sugar determines the loss or gain of body weight. When our body is low in blood sugar level, the brain sends the message to our body to eat. Even, we just ate large amount of food such as French fries, our brain sends the message that we are hungry. Since, our brain doesn’t care about the relation of insulin and blood sugar; this is one of the prime reasons for obesity. The effect of Cinnamon weight loss on blood sugar and insulin will certainly help on fighting against the obesity problems.

Cinnamon Weight Loss

Cinnamon Weight Loss

Cinnamon apart from doing effect on blood sugar and insulin also helps in additional weight loss by the process of thermogenics. Thermogenics is the process in which our body’s metabolism speeds up to counteract the excess heat such that it can balance the body temperature. The excess heat is caused by cinnamon due to various chemical reactions on body.

You can achieve benefits of cinnamon weight loss in many ways. There are various methods you can use in order to consume cinnamon. You can add it in your tea or coffee making it cinnamon tea weight loss regimen. You can also get different types of cinnamon weight loss capsules or vitamins which are manufactured for weight loss. There are other types of weight loss methods also which promise effective weight loss such as B12 weight loss. But, it is always better to know more information about them before applying.

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