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There are lots of weight loss methods found these days such as fish oil weight loss, resveratrol weight loss etc. Cla weight loss is one new buzzword spreading around in the natural weight loss vitamins. Moreover, it also claims to be helpful on building muscle mass, helping fat metabolism or even with some cancers.

The fact that it is said natural is that it can be found in natural way. The very common place where this cla (Conjugated Linoleic Acid) is found is in the dairy products. More specifically, this cla compound is created by special type of bacteria that resides in the stomach of a cow. This special bacteria reacts with the linoleic acid to form conjugated linoleic acid. However, what we find in the market is not been produced by the cow. There are different types of settings in the labs that simulate exact things that have happened in the cow’s stomach.

cla weight loss

cla weight loss

As from the researches and studies done over the mice, it is found that, the mice tend to lose their weight by anticarcinogenic effect. This is considered to be happened by the antioxidant effect. However, it is not proven that it is quite helpful for the weight loss in people. Because it contains two trans double bonds. According to the medical science, this two trans double bonds fat doesn’t do good on human body. In fact, it does some interference with the normal body processes.

Some of the interference done by this trans fatty acid are as below:

They interfere with the detoxification system of liver

They decrease the amount of HDL (high density lipoprotein) which is quite beneficial but also increase the amount of LDL (low density lipoprotein) which increases the cardiovascular risks.

They decrease the insulin response and increase cholesterol

There are various other processes that these trans fatty acids interfere in the human body that we will not be writing in this article. Due to this effect of trans fatty acids, number of countries have banned any type of products that has this fatty acids in it. One popular product that contains this trans fatty acids other than Cla is margarines.

These were some disadvantages of using cla weight loss. But, why are they claimed as the effective weight loss supplements? Well the truth about is that, they help to increase the metabolic rate of our body. They tend to increase it by 10 – 15 % than the normal one. The increased metabolic rate increases the burning of food in the body giving more amount of energy and reducing the amount of fats.

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