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People who are trying hard to lose weight are always concerned about the foods they eat and drinks they drink. They always have to make sure that the foods and drinks they consume don’t give high amount of calories which can make hard for their weight loss campaign. Though these diet drinks are low in calories, they are not wise choice for drinks to the people with overweight problems as diet drinks and weight loss don’t really match up with each other. Below, we will be discussing over the diet drinks and weight loss and why they are not compatible with each other.

Diet drinks or soda are literally the liquid candies that are full of artificial flavors, colors sugar and carbonation which are quite refreshing to drink. Though in the past these diet drinks had astonishing zero amounts of calories and were not associated with the weight control, these days they give quite amount of calories. An average can of lemon lime soda contains 151 calories, cola boasts contains 136 calories, root beer contains 152 calories and orange soda alone contains 179 calories per can.

Diet drinks and weight loss

Diet drinks and weight loss

The difference between old diet drinks and today’s diet drinks is due to fact that today’s diet drinks or sodas are being sweetened by some artificial sugars including Nutrasweet, Splenda and Equal which generate the amount of calories.

Though there is not been any kind of real proof that the diet drinks help in weight gain, there are some theories that give some hints about diet drinks affecting in weight gain. The theory says that, as the diet drinks are sweet, they tend to trigger response in brain to crave sugar and calories.

However, there are some circumstances where diet drinks and weight loss do work. Such circumstances are pointed down as below:

  • One way you can reduce the amount of calories using these drinks is by drinking several cans of drinks per day. By drinking large amount of diet drinks, you will be able to reduce significant amount of liquid calorie intake and reduce amount of overall calories.
  • The people who are on regulated diet can take these diet drinks instead of high calorie beverages.

There are other kinds of soft drinks not just diet drinks which may be beneficial for the weight loss such as protein shakes or weight loss smoothies. For more healthy and good results, you can rely on natural drinks such as milk, water etc.

You can find lots of information about diet drinks and weight loss in internet if you search enough. You can even find lots of weight loss plans such as Physicians weight loss plans or Dr Oz weight loss plan for your weight loss campaign.

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