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Carnitine is a very complex compound also termed as quaternary ammonium compound which is biosynthesized from methionine and amino acids lysine. This compound is used by the body to transport fatty acids from cytosol to mitochondria in order to breakdown those fatty acids to energy during metabolism procedure. Due to this property of carnitine, this compound is also used as weight loss product.

Carnitine weight loss is sure a good weight loss method but one should apply this cautiously and under the guidance of the medical provider. Though there have been no any kind of reports on serious side effects of carnitine weight loss, taking large doses may cause diarrhea or slight odor.

Carnitine Weight Loss

Carnitine Weight Loss

You can find several kinds of carnitine products in the market while searching. The most common ones you will be able to find are Acetyl – L carnitine weight loss and L-carnitine weight loss. Though the products are different, all the carnitine weight loss products work more or less in the same way. They carry the fatty acids from different parts and pass to mitochondria such that these fatty acids can be turned into energy. They also do carry the waste products during this procedure.

Moreover, these Acetyl –L carnitine is also found somewhat promising towards treatment of neural disorder not just weight loss. The acetyl –l carnitine contains acetyl group which is very essential for producing key neurotransmitter. As fat is major component for building myelin sheath which coats nerve cells, the nervous system also depends on the fat metabolism.

Carnitine Weight Loss

Carnitine Weight Loss

Carnitine weight loss can perform better in certain people than other people when certain conditions are met. A person with overweight problems and carnitine deficiency can achieve better results using this method than others. However, if you are just average overweight and your body is making sufficient amount of carnitine without having any kind of problems then, you may not be able to see quite difference. The important fact is that, our body itself produces little amounts of carnitine inside and these carnitine can be found naturally in red meats, chicken or turkey meats and little amounts in dairy products also.

There are not just carnitine weight loss available in the market for weight loss. You can find hundreds of different products and supplements for weight loss such as Metamucil weight loss, liquid diet weight loss and others. You can also find natural products such as herbs or teas for weight loss. But, always remember to read reviews and get some information about the products you are willing to use. Also, always consult with your doctor before going for any kinds of weight loss products.

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