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As the name suggests, green tea can be consumed in the form of tea. However, the limitations are not upto only tea, you can consume them in various forms. You can easily find green tea extracts in liquid form, green tea weight loss pills and green tea weight loss patches in market. Since, we are only talking about only the pills, let’s focus on the green tea weight loss pills.

These green tea weight loss pills are made by extracting all the beneficial compounds out of green leaves. It is then stored in the form of concentrated powder in order to make pills. Since, these pills are in concentrated forms, they are much powerful by volume than any of the standard green tea.

After forming in powder form, these concentrated green tea powder is sealed in capsules and bottled and finally marketed for the human consumption. What is inside the capsule may vary with the manufacturer and it is almost impossible to tell what resides within that capsule. As there are numerous producers and manufacturers, not all the products are quite good for weight loss. In fact, there are products may cause you some serious kind of side effect. So, it is important that you choose only the companies that are well trusted and reputed for providing good products.

Green Tea Weight Loss Pills

Green Tea Weight Loss Pills

These pills come in different size and dosages. So, while buying them it is important to read the directions which come with the container of pills. Usually, the dosages are of 2-3 times a day and there may be some which require only one dose per day.  If you are confused about the dosages of these pills then, you can take the advice of experts. You can ask to the pharmacist or physicians about the dosage of the pill you are going to take. You can also ask them whether or not it is a wiser choice for weight loss.

If you can’t find any kind of expert’s help, you can do it on your own. All you need is the necessary information about how much is required for your optimal weight loss. When buying these pills look at the ingredients used for building that capsule. The standard capsule should contain at least 90% polyphenols and 50% EGCG. Using this standard for calculating, a standard 500mg capsule should contain 250 mg of EGCG.

There certain things you have to take care of when you are consuming green tea weight loss pills. If you are sensitive to caffeine, then it may not be quite good choice for your weight loss as these pills contain some amount of caffeine. Those who are quite sensitive to any kind of stimulating herbs of caffeine should keep their distance from green tea supplement even oolong, opra t or lipton. Taking natural supplements may be good way to shed weight but nothing is as good as doing exercise to reduce weight. If you are a teenage girl, then you would better look for weight loss for teenage girls than taking any supplements for weight loss.

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