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This new weight loss drug contrave is from Orexigen Therapeutics Inc. which is the combination of two existing drugs. One of them is addiction drug naltrexone and other one is antidepressant drug named Wellbutrin. This Contrave drug was recommended for approval of FDA advisory committee in early December of 2010 and FDA (Food and Drug Administration) is expected to give its final decisions in early months of 2011.

Unlike many other weight loss drugs, this contrave doesn’t work for reducing belly fats. It works in hypothalamus which is human brain’s central thermostat that controls temperature, appetite and how our body burns fats.

Wellbutrin one of the component of this new weight loss drug contrave is the one which does all the works regarding rapid weight loss. But, most of us know that it will only be matter of time that your weight will rebound back fast from where you started.  This is really terrible as you have worked hard for it. So, in order to retain new weight, this contrave has another component naltrexone (an addiction drug). Naltrexone stops this effect of Wellbutrin such that you can have synergistic effect to signal brain’s hypothalamus to reduce the amount of food which will help you to retain your new weight.

New Weight Loss Drug

New Weight Loss Drug

It sure sounds really working for weight loss, but will it give the same results when practically applied? That question would be in everybody’s mind.  For that, the manufacturers have tested this new weight loss drug in clinical environment. In clinical trial, there were total of 700 people with overweight problem in which there were over 90% women having average weight of 223 pounds. All of them were given proper counseling, exercise and diet plans. However, only 2/3 of them were given contrave drug in the period of 56 weeks.

There were only about 60% of people remaining till the end of 56 weeks weight loss program. In this period, those 1/3 of people who did not take medication were able to lose about 5% of their body weight whereas the 2/3 of the people taking medication were able to lose more than 9% of their body weight.

This surely proves that this new weight loss drug Contrave works just fine to fight against obesity. Though this drug may be effective and not contain any side effects, not all new drugs or supplements are safe to be used. So, it is always better to consult to a doctor about the products you are going to take for your weight loss campaign. You can also try out natural gluten free weight loss which will additionally boost up your weight loss.

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