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An Alli weight loss pill is specially designed for the overweight adults and is not approved to be used by the individuals below 18 years of age. It is the reduced-strength version of Orlistat (Xenical) which is a prescription drug specifically used to treat the obesity. However, it is meant to be used in addition to the low fat and low calorie diet along with the regular exercise.

In the previous days before using alli weight loss pills, there were some reports of the serious liver injury to Food and Drug Administration of United States by the use of orlistat. So, for the safety the Alli weight loss pills were created which is reduced strength (60 milligrams vs. 120 milligrams) of the Orlistat. However, you will have to have a close contact to your doctor if you are thinking of using it as there may be side effects of this drug such as fatigue, fever, brown urine etc which may lead to the liver injury.

Alli Weight Loss

Alli Weight Loss

So how does it work? Every one may have the question in their mind. Well, for the basic knowledge, unlike sauna weight loss or exercises which burn calories to reduce weight, the alli weight loss pills promote weight loss by decreasing the absorption of fat from intestines.

Going more indepth about the working of Alli weight loss pills, there is an enzyme named Lipase in the human digestive tract which helps in breakdown of the dietary fat into smaller pieces so that it can be consumed or stored for the energy. So, more the energy is not used by the human body, more the energy is stored. This is by which the humans grow fat. The alli pill however, disables this lipase enzyme such that it won’t be able to break down the dietary fats while its running through your digestive tract. And, as result the undigested fat goes all through the intestine and is thrown out of the body by bowel movement.

Alli Weight Loss

Alli Weight Loss

The alli pills are to be taken with the fat-containing meals, more or less 3 times a day. Since, there are many side effects of this drug; it is recommended that an individual should not eat any more than 15 grams of fat. And also, eating greater amount of fats may result other kinds of side effects also such as urgent bowel movements, gas with oily spotting or diarrhea.

Using Alli weight loss pills, it will be pretty hard to get significant weight loss. Our research shows most of the people using these people lose only 3 to 5 pounds a year. So, it may be convenient to use diet control plan or exercise schedule to get the best result for the weight loss regardless eating too much.

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