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Everyone becomes frantic when it comes to losing weight. Everyone wants to lose weight as soon as possible and become attractive. However, only the ones with great determination and effort can lose weights. Well, these have become nonsense these days. Everyone can now lose their overweight whenever they like even without going for the hard workouts or exercises. This is all thanks to the weight loss pills or more specifically over the counter weight loss pills. By using these kinds of pills, you no longer need to do heavy exercises daily to lose pounds. You can simply sit at home watch TV and still can easily lose weight.

So, where can I buy these pills? Well, these can be found in different pharmacies, health centers or drug stores or you can even buy them online also.

over the counter weight loss pills

Over the counter weight loss pills

But, these days you can read various reviews about over the counter weight loss pills saying that they are not effective as advertised or they have different side effects and have more harmful effects. By seeing these kinds of things everyone will be confused about taking these drugs. So, how effective are they? You must be wondering with that question. Well, to be honest most of the reviews you have read are true some of these types of products are not effective to various people and some may even do some harm to their body also.

So, why are these over the counter weight loss pills even allowed to be sold in the market? Actually, unlike the prescribed drugs, these dietary supplements and weight loss pills don’t have any kind of specific standards. They can be even sold in the market with the limited proof of effectiveness and the safety. However, to reduce those products with no effectiveness and less safe, American FDA (Food and Drug Administration) monitors all the products in the market. If it is found dangerous, then the products may also be banned. This is the reason you find drugs which may not be potentially effective.

over the counter weight loss pills

over the counter weight loss pills

So, in order not to get any of those non-effective or harmful over the counter weight loss pills, you have to do some homework before going for purchase. You can consult with your doctor or pharmacist about the drugs or check in the FDA websites to know how Food and Drug Administration has rated that drug.  These are the essential things to do if you really want the drug that is really effective and has less safety concerns.

This was all about over the counter weight loss pills. Though these pills are effective, we advise you to do the exercises or workouts as they don’t not only help in losing weight but also keep you healthy in best way. If you want to lose your weight faster, you can also see our article how to lose weight in 2 weeks for further details.