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Exercise is very important part of life if one wants to stay healthy and strong. It also amplifies your health and helps you in staying away from many diseases. Along with these benefits, there are other benefits also which you can gain by exercises. Some of them are as below:

  • Exercise burns fat helping in fat loss and maintain your healthy weight.
  • Exercise keeps your heart healthy and lowers the blood pressure
  • Exercise helps in boosting up the immune system and prevents from diabetes.

There are other more benefits of doing exercises which we have not included. Since, we are here for weight loss exercise routine, let’s focus on them only.

Weight loss exercise routines can vary according to the amount of weight loss you want. Depending upon your age group, you can do exercises between 10 minutes to 1 hour. However, if you want to get maximum benefits from your exercise, the exercise session should be of 30-40 minutes and at least be performed 3 times a week.

Weight Loss Exercise Routines

Weight Loss Exercise Routine

Some typical types of exercises you can do include cycling, brisk walking, jogging, swimming and yoga. You can also do additional aerobics and workouts for your body.

For starting weight loss exercise routines, you should be mentally be prepared for the physical activities you are going to do. Don’t rush on doing heavy exercises from start, try doing them slowly and build up gradually as the time goes on. And, remember that you will not get your desired results right away; it takes several months to attain the body shape you desire.

Before starting, you should have thorough body examination and discuss about the exercise routine with your doctor. If you have any kind serious health illness, never start exercise without consulting your doctor. You are doing exercise for improving your health condition, not for increasing any kind of risks or injuries. If you start experiencing any kind of pain doing exercise, you should stop that and consult with your doctor about the problem.

As you start your weight loss exercise routine, always start by warming up your body. Begin slowly and then gradually increase the intensity until you break a light sweat. After you complete warm-ups, do stretching of your body. Stretching is very important if you are planning on doing heavy workouts. It prepares muscle of body for workouts. Only after stretching, you should finally do body building workout and strength training.

Always follow these weight loss exercise routine in the same order to get maximum benefits and fewer risks on your health. You can also go through other weight loss plans such as MonaVie weight loss, if following exercise routine is getting tough for you.

Exercises truly are great way of losing weight effectively and efficiently. Not only that, there are other many benefits of exercises apart from weight loss. First thing is it keeps body active and healthy. Doing exercises regularly builds your immune system strong and lowers your blood pressure also. If you are doing cardiovascular exercises such as jogging, cycling or swimming, you will be also benefiting to your heart keeping it healthier. And, you will be safe from various heart diseases also.

Just trying to do exercises won’t give any progress to losing your weight. You have to do it in right way and specific order. Only then, you will be able to lose weight efficiently. The exercises for weight loss can be simple cardiovascular exercises, aerobics to heavy workouts and you can do them even at home also. You can choose any of these ones to lose weight depending upon how much weight you want to lose or how much muscles you want to build up.

How Much Exercise to Lose Weight

How Much Exercise to Lose Weight

Now, talking about how much exercise to lose weight, you might have gone through many articles in magazines and internet about how much to do. Most of them say doing exercise for about 20 minutes 3 times a week is good for weight loss. But, that actually is not what they really mean. 20 minutes for 3 times a week is minimum time that you need to shed slight amount of weight. If you want to lose significant amount of weight, you should do more than that. In other words, how long you should do exercise depends on your weight loss requirements.

So, how much exercise to lose weight is exactly needed? Well, the answer to that question depends on your goal weight which you want to achieve and the time you want to achieve it. Once, you have your goal weight you want to achieve and the time by when you want to achieve your goal weight, you can simply calculate how much exercise you need to do each week. You can calculate the exercise based on how much energy different exercises need per minute.

You can find various weight loss goal calculator in websites that will give you exactly how much you need to lose weight daily in order to reach your target weight. And, once you find out which exercise burns how much amount of calories, you can make schedule for those exercise.

Post pregnancy period is quite vulnerable period for the women. As you will have given birth the child, your immune system will be also low during this period after delivery. So, doing anything stupid for your weight loss may cause some fatal damage to your health. Also, during post your pregnancy weight loss, there will lots of things that may get in your way to sabotage your attempt to lose weight. However, as there are many blocking factors that blocks your weight loss, top factor that affects most of the women to lose weight is their mind. If you don’t have proper mindset, all your goals will be worthless. All the things you do won’t give any effective results. And, it will be only matter of time before, you will give up about your weight loss and quit.

So, you better not be the victim of your mind and instead learn to use your mind as a tool which will guarantee your success over losing weight. And, if you really succeed then, it will really carry out with every aspect of your life.

Post Pregnancy Weight Loss

Post Pregnancy Weight Loss

In order to help you for your post pregnancy weight loss, we have provided some important tips for your weight loss solutions. And, try not to take any weight loss products or supplements as they may do harm to your body in this condition.

Find good source of motivation:

First thing you have to do before even starting your weight loss is to find the answer about why you want to lose weight in the first place. If you don’t have a strong source of motivation then you will be lacking the drive to see the goals to the very end. “To make my partner happy” or other weak reasons will not be good enough for motivation.

May be you should try such as “Be a role model to your children” or “To avoid certain family diseases” to motivate yourself.

Change Mindset of Yours:

It’s not just working hard on weight loss; you should also work hard on your mindset. As a mother, you will have to look after many things all by yourself and as the result the stress level may quite high for you. So, you should keep your mindset strong to achieve your goal.

Hold yourself and be accountable:

Life is not as simple as you think, it will throw you all types of curves, which may make your post pregnancy weight loss chances slim. So, you should make yourself accountable in order to ensure that doesn’t happen. So, you can join a support group or start a journey with a friend.

Keeping these things on your mind, you will surely succeed to gain success in your post pregnancy weight loss. If you want to know any of the risks about losing weight fast, you can read how to lose weight in 10 days.