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It is always beneficial to gain some healthy amount of weight during the pregnancy period as it is very helpful for baby to get all the necessary nutrients. Generally, overweight you gain consists more of the maternal stores. An average new mother has 5-12 pounds of maternal weight which is comprised of extra supplies of fats that can be used as energy when required. However, if you have more amount of maternal weight than required, then it will be quite a problem for losing that weight. So, to ensure you have healthy weight, we have provided some information about how to lose weight while breastfeeding.

But, before knowing anything more about how to lose weight while breastfeeding, let’s know more about the maternal stores. As we have mentioned earlier, these maternal stores are the extra supplies of fats or fats reserves stored in the body. When there comes any kind of situations where you consume less calories or need more amount of energy, these fats are utilized by the body to give required amount of energy. So, these fats reserves are the necessary entities for making sure your body is working smoothly for whole time even during sleep. So, it is good to gain some weight especially during breastfeeding periods.

how to lose weight while breastfeeding

How to lose weight while breastfeeding

For those who think they have weight more than the average women in the breastfeeding period, below are some tips about how to lose weight while breastfeeding:

  • Try eating foods in a regular interval of few hours. Eating in interval of every 3-4 hours is very healthy way for your weight loss in breastfeeding period. You have to know that, as your baby needs to feed in every interval of 3-4 hours, your body also needs to produce enough amount of milk. So, don’t take any reckless measures as that will not just affect your health but your baby’s health too.
  • Drink lots of water. As breast milk is composed of 50% water, you really need to drink large amount of water. Also, water helps our body to keep metabolism active and also flushes out toxins and other unwanted materials of body.
  • Eat only healthy and safe foods. And, don’t even think of dieting during these periods because dieting will not provide you with the necessary nutrition that you need in this period.

It’s not just about losing weight when you are a mother, you will have to be at least fit to give enough amount of milk for your baby. So, be careful while losing your weight. There are other articles such as how to lose weight in 2 days in our website, if you really want to lose weight in quickest way.

Everybody knows that, women gain a lot of weight during pregnancy period. Also, it is common to retain some additional weight even after women give birth. For those additional weights after pregnancy, we have provided with some tips about how to lose weight after pregnancy.

First thing about how to lose weight after pregnancy is not to freak out by your weight in like a week or two after delivery. Even, after pregnancy women tend to have excess weight of placenta, amniotic fluid etc. The overweight caused by these fluids will be reduced over time in about two or three weeks by urinating or perspiring more frequently. You don’t need to take special care of this weight.

For more information we have written down below some tips on how to lose weight after pregnancy:

Drink Lots and Lots of Water: Try drinking water in an average of 10-12 glasses every day. The very beneficial thing about drinking water is it flushes away all the unnecessary things of the body. In addition to that, it also keeps digestive system running and metabolism active. Plus, it contains very low amount of calories.

How to Lose Weight after Pregnancy

How to Lose Weight after Pregnancy

Breastfeed: In addition to feeding your baby, breastfeeding also helps in losing weight. It is also said that, breastfeeding burns about 500 calories per day which is significant amount of calories to be burnt in a day. This is equivalent to burning calories by doing exercise for 30 minutes.

Exercise after when you feel ready: Exercise is very essential if you want to lose weight. But don’t try to do exercise even when you feel weak. Try doing light exercises after you feel some strength coming back to you. In fact, it is advised to consult to doctors before starting any kind of exercise. Your doctors will decide whether or not you can do exercises depending on what type you birth you gave and on what particular circumstances. Normally, you can only do some kinds of light exercises till 8 weeks after birth. After that period is the best time, you can do some of light workouts for extra burning of calories.

Though you may be finding other options for how to lose weight after pregnancy such as weight loss pills or fat loss for idiots, we don’t recommend you to go for those options as post-pregnancy period is very delicate period. And, if you are not careful enough at this stage, you may be bearing various side-effects from those types of medications.

Post pregnancy period is quite vulnerable period for the women. As you will have given birth the child, your immune system will be also low during this period after delivery. So, doing anything stupid for your weight loss may cause some fatal damage to your health. Also, during post your pregnancy weight loss, there will lots of things that may get in your way to sabotage your attempt to lose weight. However, as there are many blocking factors that blocks your weight loss, top factor that affects most of the women to lose weight is their mind. If you don’t have proper mindset, all your goals will be worthless. All the things you do won’t give any effective results. And, it will be only matter of time before, you will give up about your weight loss and quit.

So, you better not be the victim of your mind and instead learn to use your mind as a tool which will guarantee your success over losing weight. And, if you really succeed then, it will really carry out with every aspect of your life.

Post Pregnancy Weight Loss

Post Pregnancy Weight Loss

In order to help you for your post pregnancy weight loss, we have provided some important tips for your weight loss solutions. And, try not to take any weight loss products or supplements as they may do harm to your body in this condition.

Find good source of motivation:

First thing you have to do before even starting your weight loss is to find the answer about why you want to lose weight in the first place. If you don’t have a strong source of motivation then you will be lacking the drive to see the goals to the very end. “To make my partner happy” or other weak reasons will not be good enough for motivation.

May be you should try such as “Be a role model to your children” or “To avoid certain family diseases” to motivate yourself.

Change Mindset of Yours:

It’s not just working hard on weight loss; you should also work hard on your mindset. As a mother, you will have to look after many things all by yourself and as the result the stress level may quite high for you. So, you should keep your mindset strong to achieve your goal.

Hold yourself and be accountable:

Life is not as simple as you think, it will throw you all types of curves, which may make your post pregnancy weight loss chances slim. So, you should make yourself accountable in order to ensure that doesn’t happen. So, you can join a support group or start a journey with a friend.

Keeping these things on your mind, you will surely succeed to gain success in your post pregnancy weight loss. If you want to know any of the risks about losing weight fast, you can read how to lose weight in 10 days.

Giving birth to a new baby brings you different kinds of emotions like happiness, anxiety and many other emotions. However, it doesn’t just give emotions; you will also feel a lot of changes in your body. And, lots of new moms are concerned about their body size and want to get rid of it in fast and quick way. So, if you are new mom and are freaked out by your body size and weight, we have written this article just for you such that you will be able to lose weight in easier and calm way.

One thing we have to say before beginning about how to lose pregnancy weight is that, it is normal that you still retain the pregnancy weight till some months. Since, your body had been holding the baby for nine months; it will take time to reshape and will also be slow process. According to medical theory, it takes uterus about four weeks just to contract to its normal size. After the uterus contracts to its normal size, most the women lose more than 8 pounds of weight. Also, your body will be getting rid of all the extra fluid in that period.

how to lose pregnancy weight

How to lose pregnancy weight

Also, there are lots of stuffs that will be going through your body during post-pregnancy period. Some of the things include shifting back of pelvic area and hips as in the pre-pregnancy period and other things. If you want to know more details about these things, then you can easily get info from various magazines and going over internet. However, don’t ever try to go to the weight loss programs right through just after few weeks of pregnancy.

Since, it is very vulnerable phase for the women after pregnancy; it will be very risky for taking any kind of weight loss programs. It is better you don’t take any kind of weight loss products such as over the counter weight loss pills and such products. Even doing exercise may be quite risky. If you want to jump right into any kind of exercise, wait minimum 4-8 weeks or so before starting even light kind of exercise. Also, ask your doctor whether it is okay for you to do so.

There are other means also by which you can lose weight such as breastfeeding. In fact, breastfeeding is one of the good ways of losing weight as it uses more than 500 calorie of energy while breastfeeding the baby. This is all we have to say you about how to lose pregnancy weight, we hope that it was really helpful for you.