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Exercise is very important part of life if one wants to stay healthy and strong. It also amplifies your health and helps you in staying away from many diseases. Along with these benefits, there are other benefits also which you can gain by exercises. Some of them are as below:

  • Exercise burns fat helping in fat loss and maintain your healthy weight.
  • Exercise keeps your heart healthy and lowers the blood pressure
  • Exercise helps in boosting up the immune system and prevents from diabetes.

There are other more benefits of doing exercises which we have not included. Since, we are here for weight loss exercise routine, let’s focus on them only.

Weight loss exercise routines can vary according to the amount of weight loss you want. Depending upon your age group, you can do exercises between 10 minutes to 1 hour. However, if you want to get maximum benefits from your exercise, the exercise session should be of 30-40 minutes and at least be performed 3 times a week.

Weight Loss Exercise Routines

Weight Loss Exercise Routine

Some typical types of exercises you can do include cycling, brisk walking, jogging, swimming and yoga. You can also do additional aerobics and workouts for your body.

For starting weight loss exercise routines, you should be mentally be prepared for the physical activities you are going to do. Don’t rush on doing heavy exercises from start, try doing them slowly and build up gradually as the time goes on. And, remember that you will not get your desired results right away; it takes several months to attain the body shape you desire.

Before starting, you should have thorough body examination and discuss about the exercise routine with your doctor. If you have any kind serious health illness, never start exercise without consulting your doctor. You are doing exercise for improving your health condition, not for increasing any kind of risks or injuries. If you start experiencing any kind of pain doing exercise, you should stop that and consult with your doctor about the problem.

As you start your weight loss exercise routine, always start by warming up your body. Begin slowly and then gradually increase the intensity until you break a light sweat. After you complete warm-ups, do stretching of your body. Stretching is very important if you are planning on doing heavy workouts. It prepares muscle of body for workouts. Only after stretching, you should finally do body building workout and strength training.

Always follow these weight loss exercise routine in the same order to get maximum benefits and fewer risks on your health. You can also go through other weight loss plans such as MonaVie weight loss, if following exercise routine is getting tough for you.

If you are trying to lose weight, there are hundreds of different ways of losing weight. You don’t need to get scared and rush for extreme weight loss methods for drastic change. If you are thinking of losing weight furiously then, there is high chance you might get serious health issues especially using these extreme methods. Shedding weight in more rapid way can leave you with dehydration, malnutrition and fatigue. There are much simpler and easier ways you can reduce weight. You just have to focus on them. For example, you can change your eating habits and go for some workout programs.  However, if you still want to go on with extreme weight loss methods, you are on your own risk.

One of the extreme weight loss methods include weight loss drugs. Diet pills have come as the greatest solutions from modern medicine. As the people say, pop some pills and watch your fats melting away. But, it is not as simple as they say. As the diet pills work pretty easily, these also come with some side effects. Most of these pills directly work on brain which is the source of appetite. As they can really help with your appetite, at the same time they can also be quite addictive and destructive which can do some permanent damages also.

Extreme Weight Loss Methods

Extreme Weight Loss Methods

Though there are many natural appetite suppressors found, they are not been tested for effectiveness as that of the synthetic drugs that are been manufactured. But, there are still some evidences that work. We have provided some of the weight loss pills for extreme weight loss methods:


Orlistat weight loss drug works by blocking the absorption of fats in the digestive tract. As there will be less absorption of fats, you will also reducing significant amount of weight. It works by inhibiting pancreatic, fat dissolving enzyme. It will block about 30% of your fats when taken 3 times daily before the meal. Fats that are not absorbed are passed harmlessly through the digestive tract.

However, it is not found to be quite effective and it can also cause some of the side effects such as gas, diarrhea, fecal incontinence etc.


It is quite an old drug. This drug had received its FDA approval in 1959 as being an appetite suppressant. This drug acts directly on neurotransmitters in the brain which causes appetite to be reduced. If you take phentermine, eat less then you will easily be able to lose weight. This drug is approved to be used by obese patients who have serious problem with their weight.

As it is quite effective for weight loss, it also has some side effects which include elevated blood pressure and increased heart rate.

Whatever your reason is, taking extreme weight loss methods is quite risky. You can reduce the risks by consulting with your doctor or take some natural weight loss methods such as CoQ10 weight loss methods.