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PCOS refers to Polycystic Ovary Syndrome; it is special type of condition where sex hormones of women are not balanced in a proper way. Due to this imbalance in sex hormones, there is high probability for changes in menstrual cycle. Also, this is one of most common type of female endocrine disorder. And, the interesting fact about PCOS is that, over 30 percent of women who are suffering from this PCOs don’t know that they have this syndrome or don’t show any kind of symptoms.

PCOS Weight Loss

PCOS Weight Loss

However, the common symptoms for this PCOS are as below:

High levels of masculinizing hormones:

Due to the high levels of masculinizing hormones, mostly hirsutism (excess hair) and acne are occurred and not only that, there are other types of symptoms also such as very frequent menstrual periods or hypermenorrhea.

Metabolic syndrome:

For those women who have PCOS have high amount of insulin resistant and not only that they have also high level of homocysteine level. Due to metabolic disorder, the people tend to have central obesity problem.

Menstrual disorders and Infertility:

There may be few menstrual periods (oligomenorrhea) or no menstrual period (amenorrhea) also there is chance of getting chronic anovulation (lack of ovulation).

Since, it is a great struggle for PCOS weight loss; we have provided you with few tips and information so that you can easily reduce certain amount of weight and also decrease the severity of this disease.

PCOS Weight Loss

PCOS Weight Loss

First of all, if you think you are suffering from PCOS, it is better that you go to visit doctor before going for PCOS weight loss. These doctors do checkups for you and may also recommend you some weight loss pills and even weight loss meals. There are several types of medications available for PCOS weight loss specifically for reducing weight along with curing PCOS. Some of them include: Thiazolidinediones, Metformin, Rimonabant etc.

Along with the different types of medications, you can also go with healthy diets for boosting up the results. Some of the diets that are good for health include:

  • Eating low sugar and high fiber diets, consuming more amounts of fruits, grains and vegetables and specially avoiding the fatty foods.
  • Try eating smaller portions of food in frequent interval than eating large portion taking long gaps. Eating food frequently will increase your metabolism rate and more active your metabolism is more food is turned in to energy than fats.
  • Try doing some basic cardio vascular exercises regularly for about 30 minutes. And, if you smoke try quitting that as it will be harmful to you especially in these conditions.

Ever wanted to lose weight like Jordin Spark? As seen on TV she has been losing weight significantly every week. This has been very inspiring for women. For those women, who love smoothies here we have shared some facts about the smoothies, that they can be great way of losing weight.

Generally, the basic functioning of the smoothies is by reducing the urge to eat. These smoothies are packed with the different ingredients which are proven to keep the stomach full for hours. Some of them include yogurt, fiber from fruits and some essential fats. You can also try protein shakes as options for weight loss smoothies.

Weight Loss Smoothies

Weight Loss Smoothies

The researchers from different obesity research center found out that, people in taking weight loss smoothies lost more weight than the people not in taking them. However, you also have to know that, not all smoothies are the weight loss smoothies. Of course, the smoothies made up of fresh whole fruits, nuts or grains are good ones but there are other smoothies too which instead of helping to lose weight will increase your weight more. These specially are quite delicious which include full cream milk. These full cream milk contain high amount of calories and fats as well. So, you should be very careful choosing the right kind of weight loss smoothies.

Moreover, you can always make one in home all by yourself. Though you can find weight loss smoothies in various powders or in prepared smoothies forms but there are always concerns about the expenses and ingredients. Also, fresher the smoothies better it is. You can also say that, the home made weight loss smoothies are quite better than the ready-made smoothies.

For your easiness, we have written down recipes for creating simple type of home-made smoothies. The basic type of smoothie can be made by blending half cup of blueberries (fresh or frozen), half cup of fresh skim milk and 2 tablespoons of honey. If you don’t have blueberries, you can always add strawberries along with one-fourth of low fat yogurt. This can easily replace your meal and keep your stomach full and also it gives very low amount calories about 200-250 calories per serving.

Weight Loss Smoothies

Weight Loss Smoothies

Along with reducing urge to eat, these weight lose smoothies also help in smooth egestion process which helps to throw out the undigested materials that could be stored as the body fats. Reducing weight by drinking weight loss smoothies is a long term procedure. You cannot see the results just in first few weeks. The weight loss effect generally takes place after several weeks period. So, you should not give up on this early.

Besides weight loss smoothies, there are lots of weight losing techniques such as weight loss pills, l carnitine weight loss, weight loss injections etc. As they are artificial ways of losing weight, it is advised to consult with the physicians before going for one.