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There are lots of vitamins that are needed to our body in which some include vitamin B12, D3 and alpha-lipoic acids. Vitamin D is an important kind of vitamin which helps in promoting the remodeling and healthy growth of bone. In addition to that, it also helps in preventing diseases like rickets in children and osteomalacia in adults which are caused by deficiency of Vitamin D. Vitamin D also helps in inflammation, neuromuscular functions and influences actions of genes which regulate differentiation, apoptosis and proliferation of cells.

There are lots of misconceptions that have been running around about vitamin D and weight loss. Although there are some kinds of vitamins which really do promote weight gain, there are also vitamins such as vitamin D which really promotes weight loss. In fact of all the vitamins, vitamin D and weight loss are quite closer to each other.

Vitamin D and Weight Loss

Vitamin D and Weight Loss

In order to know the truth about vitamin D and weight loss, there was study conducted. The results from the study showed that the overweight people both men and women who were placed on diet program had lost significant amount of weight by taking vitamin D and a proper diet plan. However, the study was also done to the people who were taking only the proper diet plan. And, the results from the people taking vitamin D along with diet plan were better from the results from the overweight taking only diet plan.

Furthermore, vitamin D and weight loss can be more effective when there is more amount of calcium intake. The weight loss is achieved by regulating blood sugar in the body. Apart from that, there are also other benefits from vitamin D you can get. And, they are:

  • Vitamin D regulates insulin where blood sugar leads to store fats.
  • Vitamin D strengthens the stability of bones
  • Vitamin D helps in shrinking fat cell of the body
  • Vitamin D prevents body from fatigue caused by stress and work
  • It also helps in lightening the mood.

As for the sources of vitamin D, there are many sources from where you can get it. The easiest and natural source is sun. The sunlight is very good source as it helps to perform synthesis of vitamin D in the body. Taking direct sunlight for 10-15 minutes will give your body sufficient chance of creating enough Vitamin D. However, it is not only from sunlight you will be able to get vitamin D. There are other sources also such as egg yolk, margarine, puddings, salmon, non fat milk, Swiss cheese etc which also contain Vitamin D.

So, if you are the one saying I want to lose weight fast then, you can take vitamin D supplements for boosting up your weight loss.

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