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A good weight loss plan consists of well structured and well planned schedule for the people following it. In addition to that, it also should contain necessary and skilled manpower to monitor and advise the people time and again such that these people will be able to get their target results following the weight loss plan. However, it is always confusing especially for the women to set a target for weight loss. Since, they don’t know much about weight loss. It is really hard for women. Targeting huge amount of weight may be very tiring and very hard to achieve whereas targeting little amount may not be enough for your body. So, to get rid from such confusion, you can find weight loss calculator for women to determine how long it will take to achieve your specific weight target. These calculators are made especially for women regarding their body structure and overall health and give fair benchmark for your weight loss solutions.

weight loss calculator for women

weight loss calculator for women

The weight loss calculator for women are able to calculate the amount of calories you need to reduce according to your age, weight and height ratio at the very moment and your daily activity level. However, you have to know that, the calculation of weight is just approximation as everybody have their own speed of losing weight. There are different efficiency factors such as metabolism activities that determine the speed of weight loss. Weight loss calculator for women is also helpful for women to be safe from different kinds of diseases that can be caused by overweight.

Weight loss calculator for women determine percentage of fats to be burned by calculating Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) which was originally formulated by Harris Benedict. BMR takes different factors of women into account before calculating. The factors include weight, gender, age and height not just body fat mass. So, this formula works just fine for all the women except bodybuilding athletes who have more amount of muscles than normal women.

Moreover, this weight loss calculator for women is also combined with BMI (Body Mass Index) to work as a diagnostic tool for determining weight problems worldwide. The weight problems include too skinny, skinny, normal and overweight. This BMI is the standard determined by World Health Organization (WHO). You can also find weight loss goal calculator which can be used by men also.

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